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Heinz Lofts Looking To Evict Terrelle Pryor And Girlfriend After Stabbing

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The Heinz Lofts is looking to kick out Terrelle Pryor and his girlfriend following a stabbing incident.

The apartment filed court documents saying that Pryor and his girlfriend, Shalaya Briston, "violated rules and regulations" of their rental agreement.

The documents did not specify which rules were broken and show that the apartment is seeking $2,200 in unpaid rent and attorney's fees.

Photo Credit: KDKA)

Police say Pryor was stabbed by Briston after an argument on Nov. 30 at the Heinz Lofts apartment complex. Pryor and Briston lived at the apartment together.

Pryor and Briston repeatedly got into verbal arguments before the alleged incident, and Pryor left Briston and two other women to go back to the apartment when they went to a nightclub. When the three including Briston returned to the apartment, the women told police that Pryor "grabbed…Briston and began arguing with her."

Pryor also hit one of the women, the police report said. The two women tried to break apart the fight before Pryor was allegedly stabbed by Briston.

(Photo Credit: Allegheny County)

Pryor's attorney is saying his client was not the aggressor.

Pryor is charged with simple assault, and Briston is being charged with criminal attempt homicide and aggravated assault.

Pryor later shared a now-deleted picture of himself on Instagram, saying he nearly died.

Pryor appeared in public for the first time last week at court.

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