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Students take over Heinz History Center for a night of fun and learning

Heinz History Center hosts night of fun and learning for students
Heinz History Center hosts night of fun and learning for students 02:16

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Hundreds of eighth-graders brought history to life at the Heinz History Center. 

On Friday night, almost 300 people showed up to learn from eighth-graders who became docents for a night to present history and art projects at the center.

"Coming here brings history to life," said Mike Hall, principal of Avonworth Middle School. "The kids get so excited to have an authentic audience that we are going to have tonight. They are very nervous, but they are very prepared. It's pretty impressive to see the depth of knowledge our students gained."

Avonworth Middle School students chose one exhibit in the museum that focuses on the event's theme of overcoming adversity.

"We had Mary Lou Williams," Ali, a student, said. "She struggled with mental health. We thought we could tie in another Pittsburgh artist like Mac Miller because he also struggled with mental health."

The students worked with their art and history teachers at Avonworth to present art pieces and speech presentations about similar adversities people have struggled with in the present day. 

"I definitely learned a lot about our city, Pittsburgh, and the history that we had and I learned a little bit about Mary Lou Williams and that taught me a lot and I didn't think that would happen but it did," Natalie, a student, said. 

"As an educator, you want the kids to get involved in their learning, where they are really going to remember what they are learning and they've worked really hard when they work on a project like this," said Jeff Hadley, Avonworth School District's superintendent. 

Both the school and museum hope this experience teaches students how to persevere and the importance of history.

The Heinz History Center enjoys collaborating with schools throughout the area to make learning and history fun. 

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