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Hays Eagle Watchers Construct Shrine To Mourn Loss Of 2 Eggs

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Pittsburgh's bald eagles won't raise a new family this year. Now, eagle watchers are mourning the loss of the two eggs.

Flowers and hand-written notes are attached to the fence near their nest in Hays.

One eagle watcher tied a stick to the fence with this sentimental note for the eagles:

"To our beloved and devoted Hays eagle parents,

Dad – Take this stick as a reminder of all the Hays eagle watchers who love you and mourn with you both. Place it 2 inches to the left of the V.

Mom – Go ahead and move it to wherever suits you. May it comfort you both, may it strengthen your nest, may you both soar free in good health and may you have a successful 2016 (and beyond) nesting season!

-- Eyes Skyward"

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Robert Mulvihill, of the National Aviary, says last year's success of raising three eaglets to adulthood may have created unrealistic expectations.

"No bird, no robin nesting on your porch post, no sparrow nesting in your bush, realizes anything close to 100 percent nesting success," said Mulvihill.

Despite the presence of Eagle Cam, he says there's no way of knowing what caused the failure of the eggs.

"When you're dealing with wild birds, there are a number of things that have to go right in order to have a successful nesting," Mulvihill said. "So, I think it makes us appreciate all the more the fact that this pair has had two successful nestings in back to back years."

But eagle lovers need not despair. There are reports of at least one viable egg in a nest just up the river in Harmar Township.


The eggs first appeared in the nest last month, on Feb. 17 and Feb. 21. However, both cracked.

The parents abandoned the nest, but they haven't gone far and were still flying around the area Sunday afternoon.

Last year, they raised three eaglets.

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