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'She Loves To Help The Police:' Local First Grader Hosts Multiple Fundraisers For Police Department

TARENTUM (KDKA) -- Kaley Bastine has big plans.

The soon-to-be second grader at Highlands Elementary School is raising money for her local police department, $10,000 to be specific.

"She was like, 'I want to have a lemonade stand' and my husband and I looked at each other like, 'Okay, we can do this,' said Jamie Bastine, Kaley's mom. "We put a little table out, no problem. Then she looks at us and says I want to give the money to the cops."

It's not just a lemonade stand, she's also hosted a cookie stand and a car wash, raising over $3,000 for the Harrison Township Police Department so far.

"We knew right then and there this was something special for her," said Jamie Bastine.

Kaley's reason for doing all of this?

"To get a K-9 and a bulletproof vest so they don't get shot," Kaley said.

Sergeant Brian Turack agrees they could use this equipment and special plates that would add an extra layer of security to the vests.

He says that the officers love her initiative.

"I haven't seen it before in my 10 years," said Turack. "There's a local church that does a fundraiser here and there which is awesome, but for a seven-year-old to build up the motivation and the desire to go out and do this repeatedly is just something else."

It's not just talk, the officers have supported Kaley's fundraisers.

"They have been to every fundraiser since then," said Kaley's mom. "We usually get about three-to-five officers that stop by. They are just as supportive to her as she is to them."

"She loves to help the police out," said Turack. "We go and we go to her events and support her. It's great to see the community come together."

Kaley still has a ways to go to reach her goal of $10,000, so she's gearing up for another fundraiser.

"A hot dog stand!" Kaley said.

She'll be hosting the hot dog stand on June 29 at Bird Dogs in Natrona Heights from 12pm until 3pm. When she raises enough money, she also wants to get the department a K-9 officer.

"A K-9 is something special to her heart so we're going to keep that in mind," said Kaley's mom. "Do we see her stopping any time soon? No."

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