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Amidst Already Unforgettable Season, Hampton Talbots Ready To Leave Their Mark In 4A Football Playoffs

HAMPTON (KDKA) -- The Hampton football team is undefeated -- that's a phrase people around the WPIAL didn't think they'd hear at this point in the season.

The Talbots are one of two unbeaten teams in Class 4A. This is the second year Hampton has played in 4A after the program struggled in the 5A class. In four seasons of 5A football, the Talbots won six games.

Hampton football
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"5A was an issue for us," said Hampton head coach Jacques DeMatteo. "The roster was an issue for us. We struggled, especially early on. We didn't belong on the field."

Playing schools more their size has been one reason for the Talbots' success, but the players say "anger" has been another.

"I just think we were mad at the world," said senior captain Jayden Resch. "We were always losing games and didn't like the outcome. And us boys have been buddies forever so we just put our chemistry together and made it happen."

"We never really get recognition even though we are 10-0," said senior quarterback Matt DeMatteo. "People still really don't know who we are, but I think we like it that way. It keeps us hungry."

In its final regular season game, Hampton beat the Mars Fightin' Planets, something the Talbots' hadn't done in 12 years.

"It was awesome because the past three years that I've been playing here, they're always talking smack, always in our faces," said Resch. "We set the mood early and they shut up real fast."

Hampton starts its playoff run on Friday at home against Plum, and the team hopes to make it to the 4A Championships at Heinz Field. But regardless of what happens in the playoffs, the 2021 season has already been an unforgettable one for the Talbots.

"Stuff like this will last a lifetime," said Matt DeMatteo. "We'll be older someday and we'll look back and say, 'Wow, we had a great senior year and went 10-0'. I think it's important for the program too, to show that Hampton can be good at sports. We're not just a smart school. We have great people in our school, a great senior class and I'm happy it's been like that this year."

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