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Oh Henry: Rescued Dog Goes On Unbelievable Adventure Through Western Pa.

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- An unbelievable journey for a rescued dog. He was roaming on his own for four months, traveling through four counties before volunteers finally brought him home safely.

Henry, a Great Pyrenees, is now living in a warm, loving foster home in Irwin.

But his story started in Florida. That's where the Great Pyrenees Club of Western Pennsylvania rescued him from a hoarding situation.

His name was Odin back then, and he was very nervous with his first foster family in Cranberry Township. He preferred to be outside.

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"So they slept outside with him," said Lynn Pilarski, from the Great Pyrenees Club of Western Pennsylvania. "Then, in the early morning, when they woke up, they came inside to make a cup of coffee, Odin up and went over his fence."

That was June 28.

They put his picture on fliers and on Facebook, and began getting calls of sightings.

"He would run all night and then bed down somewhere during the day," said Tami Shoff, of the Great Pyrenees Club of Western Pennsylvania.

They set up traps with cameras and put out food, but, "he never stopped. He just kept moving and moving," said Shoff.

They say he went from Cranberry, to Marshall Township, to Franklin Park, to West View, back to Franklin Park, to Sewickley Heights, to Economy, to Ambridge, to Emsworth, back to West View, to Millvale, to Natrona Heights, to Butler, to Fenelton, to Slate Lick, to Sarver, and finally to Cabot.

"I saw him several times, but he would just keep moving," said Shoff.

Finally, a man called to say Odin was sleeping next to his house, and a group of volunteers moved in.

"We all had blankets, and they came around the house, and I'm like 'Hurry up, hurry up!'" said Shoff. "We just charged him, and he never saw it coming."

It was Nov. 1, and everyone is pleased he was now safe.

He went to the vet for a week and needed to be shaved, but amazingly, he was pretty healthy.

Now, as Henry, he seems to be appreciating big doses of caring and love.

"I think Henry has a wonderful disposition. He's been through so much, you can tell he's nervous and afraid," said Sheri Stouffer, whose providing a foster home for Henry.

It'll take a few months for him to get acclimated, and he'll need some training, but anyone interested in becoming his forever home, can contact the Great Pyrenees Club of Western Pennsylvania on Facebook.

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