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Grandparents Of Missing 7-Week-Old Ambrose Klingensmith Pleading For His Return

UPDATE (Oct. 1): Ambrose Klingensmith has been found.

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BEAVER COUNTY (KDKA) -- The FBI has joined in the search for 7-week-old Ambrose Klingensmith, and his grandparents are pleading for his return.

Officials said the boy's parents, Jeannette Funner, 32, and Daemon Klingensmith, 23, took the child and are possibly driving to Florida.

They were last seen in 2001 Buick Century with the license plate PA LBD6681, and the infant is believed to be in danger.

According to police, Ambrose Klingensmith was at Children's Hospital on Thursday when doctors observed stomach injuries and fingermark bruising consistent with abuse.

They say the parents took the child before doctors could finish their evaluation.

While Ambrose's grandparents are beside themselves with concern, they don't feel their son — the baby's father — or his wife would intentionally hurt the child.

"I think they have an idea in their head that the kids are going to be taken away from them, and they're never going to see them again," Kimberly Klingensmith said.

"Bring the kids home let us take care of them. We'll work through what you have to work through, so you can get your kids back. It's a process you've got to go through it," Eric Klingensmith said.

Kimberly and Eric Klingensmith are the parents of Daemon Klingensmith.

The grandparents shared their understanding of what happened after their son and his wife brought the baby to the hospital.

"They took the baby in because he was unable to go to the bathroom to the emergency room," said Eric Klingensmith.

The grandparents say the boy's parents were trying to help the baby, not hurt him.

"Massaging him to try and get the bowels to move," Eric Klingensmith said.

The family fears the baby's mother Jeannette Funnen may need medication.

Police said she attempted suicide during two pregnancies.

They also learned two other children have been removed from her care and custody.

Anyone that sees the car, child or parents is asked to call West Mifflin Police at 412-461-3125.


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