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GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Wagner Goes On Attack Against Wolf's Democratic Running Mate John Fetterman

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- He sits behind the governor in the state Capitol and presides over the Senate, but most have no clue who the lieutenant governor is.

That might change if Braddock's John Fetterman is elected lieutenant governor if Tom Wolf wins reelection.

"Gov. Wolf, I'm proud to be a member of his team," says Fetterman.

Scott Wagner (L), John Fetterman (R) (Photo Credit: KDKA)

Maybe it's because of his visibility in western Pennsylvania that Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner took a shot or two at Fetterman.

"He comes from a family of wealth. He receives money from a trust fund. His children don't go to public schools. They go to private schools. You know, John Fetterman has got some money," says Wagner.

And Wagner says Fetterman adds nothing to the Democratic ticket.

"I don't think it adds any value," Wagner told KDKA political editor Jon Delano.

"It's disappointing," says Fetterman. "I'm not going into personal attacks or anything like that. What concerns me are issues."

Wagner says he's happy to contrast his running mate, Berks County developer and businessman Jeff Bartos, with Fetterman.

"Jeff Bartos is 45-years-old. He is an attorney, was in-house counsel for a large company, president of one of their divisions," notes Wagner. "He now is a private sector guy. He owns businesses. He does some real estate developing. He's a class act. If you want to compare John Fetterman to Jeff Bartos, John Fetterman has never created a job."

And Wagner says Fetterman's ideas are too wild and extreme for Pennsylvania.

"He's got some very different beliefs that are extreme," Wagner says.

But Fetterman says it's Wagner who, allied with President Trump, is too far to the right.

"My 'wild' ideas are that people with preexisting conditions should be able to buy insurance. He doesn't believe that," says Fetterman. "My 'wild' ideas are that I don't think we should be ripping apart immigrant families and placing children in cages. My 'wild' ideas are if you work 40 hours a week, you should be able to live in dignity."

Fetterman won't respond to personal attacks, but has no trouble going after Wagner on issues, or Wagner's meeting with Vice President Mike Pence in Philadelphia on Tuesday night.

And Fetterman says communities like his -- Braddock -- will have a place at the table if he's elected.

Wagner says he and Bartos are "classy guys" who will run a professional campaign.

Gov. Wolf has already teamed up with Fetterman for campaign ads, and Fetterman says he talks to the governor frequently.

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