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Good Samaritan Rescues Kitten Glued To Busy Road In Oregon

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SILVERTON, Oregon (CBS Local) – A man rescued a tiny, terrified kitten literally stuck to a busy road after someone had slathered its paws with glue.

In an angry, sad and sentimental Facebook post, Chuck Hawley said he was driving and noticed the cars ahead were driving over a black lump.

So I'm driving down the road this morning and the cars in front of me are driving over a black thing in the road. It's...

Posted by Chuck Hawley on Friday, October 19, 2018

"It's going between their tires, so I'm guessing it's a box."

As he neared it, he realized, "It's just a kitten sitting upright shaking like a leaf. And some [expletive] had spread glue on its paws and stuck it to the road."

Hawlay expressed disbelief after seeing cars just driving by.

"No one stopped. What the … people?"

Hawley says he got out and stopped traffic and peeled the tiny creature from the pavement. There was glue on its paws, neck and tail. Later, a veterinarian told a local TV station it was done intentionally.

"People were honking and all pissy… really? It's a kitten glued to the road!"

Hawley posted a selfie of himself and the kitty on his Facebook page.

He wrote that it took some Goo Gone, some food and cream, and "we have a new kitten. Luckiest kitten in the world!"

The story has now gone viral, drawing likes, shares, even news crews from local TV stations.

He and wife decided to name the kitten, "Sticky."

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