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Giants-Patriots Super Bowl XLVI Song "Throw So Good"

The time between the conference championships and the Super Bowl can be a bit repetitive with the same old theories and opinions recycled over the two-week break. Everyone has become a Giants or Patriots expert during the bye week, and everyone feels the need to voice their opinion on who will win the rematch of the best Super Bowl ever. Tim Capezzone and Ian Cunningham are giving their take on the game a different way.

After their Jose Reyes parody song became a hit, Capezzone and Cunningham have followed with another parody song. The duo created a catchy song for football fans to prepare for Super Bowl XLVI with a remake of the 1997 hit "Feel So Good" by Mase called "Throw So Good."

Listen to "Throw So Good" below.


"Throw So Good" Lyrics

Verse 1
Giants know about going out head west
Alex (Smith) got DBs all up in his headset
Never given' up, ran into Justin Tuck
Ravens fans riled up
Kicks up kid Cundiff, what?
Wilfork with a gut
Sterling Moore steppin' up
Nose dive, Brady's tough
Touchdown! Just enough
Manning a big man, yeah he can't lose
He done hit everyone from Manningham to Victor Cruz
Kyle (Williams) from Harbaugh/Keep both hands on the ball
Poor Terrell Suggs/Always fighting for his club
Bill (Belichick) the reason they need a dress code
To figure out why he spies when he's in his hooded clothes
Wes (Welker) never grows from his head to his toes
Hand full of gold/But don't forget Antrel Rolle
D knows, Corey Webster those, extra throw
Gronkowski is the key if his ankle holds
East West Tailgate/Rematch 2008
Hot wings the only thing we in a hurry to make
Weatherford or Hernandez, Branch or McKenze
Who will win? Both teams will fight 'til the end

Tom, Tom, Tom, Brady, How do you throw the ball so good?
How do you throw the ball so good?
How do you throw the ball so good?

E, E, Eli Manning, we wouldn't change you if we could
We wouldn't change you if we could
We wouldn't change you if we could

Verse 2
Pierre-Paul sackin' Brady? - Yeah Yeah
Jacobs drive Mercedes? - Yeah Yeah
Like Giants team from the 80s - Yeah Yeah
But Salsa dance so crazy! - Si Si
Well me personally, it's nothing personal
Manning works for me, Brady may work for you
Tom's best with, what he was blessed with
Never intercepted when he's protected
Eli chills agains the best D
Steve Gostkowski/ Bring pats to a OT
Sack From Osi (Umenyiora)
Cough (Tom Coughlin) Mad at dumb refs where my flags be?
Problem with Bradshaw? Say it to Boley
Giants hardest schemes/Target Hakeem (Nicks)
From Ocho (Cinco) No Show to BenJarvis Green
Eli beat the Pats but be hard to repeat
Woodhead on the Jets used to hardly speak

Chorus repeated x2

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