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Giant Ducky Brings In Lots Of Visitors And Money

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The 40-foot-tall rubber duck that's been hanging around Downtown Pittsburgh is bringing both people and money into the city.

The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust says hundreds of thousands of people came into town to see the duck the first weekend it was here.

And weekends since then have been jam packed, and there were even large crowds on Columbus Day.

"I really didn't know there would be so many people here," said Margy Whitmer from Squirrel Hill. "It's so exciting to see all these people just laughing an enjoying it!"

A Facebook page devoted to the duck now has more than 47,000 "likes" and photos of people posing creatively with the big yellow visitor.

"We had a line out of the door for hours," said Bill Shirk, a manager at Nola Restaurant in Market Square, of the first night the duck was here. He says business has been good ever since.

At a parking garage on Stawnix Street, it's been packed every weekend since the duck arrived. It even filled up on Columbus Day, which normally doesn't happen.

The Wyndham Grand Hotel right across the street from Point State Park has benefited from the duck, as well.

Tom Hemer, director of sales and marketing, says they've seen more people in their restaurants and bars, and instead of offering "packages" they're offering special "quackages" to visitors in honor of the duck.

"We have a duck-view quackage, and it includes a guest room here at the hotel and view overlooking Point State Park where you can see the duck," said Hemer.

The souvenir booth next to the duck was sold out Monday afternoon of everything from buttons, to stickers, to magnets, to replica ducks.

The duck stays in Pittsburgh through Oct. 20.

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