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Ghost Hunters Visit Site Of Old Orphange In South Versailles

SOUTH VERSAILLES (KDKA) -- With Halloween approaching, you may be thinking of ghosts and gobblins, but there's a local group who thinks about them all year.

Members of East Hills Paranormal meet about once a week to try to document paranormal activity.

KDKA went with them as they investigated on a road in South Versailles, near the site of an old orphanage.

There's a legend that Coulterville Orphanage caught fire and children died. It turns out, according to property owner, the legend is not true. There was no fire, and the building was just torn down.

Nevertheless, this is an area which members of East Hills Paranormal believe is haunted.

They use digital cameras, a temperature sensor and an audio recorder to try to capture evidence of spirits.

One picture a member snapped contains a foggy haze.

A photography expert who examined some of the group's previous photos told that the images could be explained either as moisture in the air or reflections from a flash.

But Josh Shelton, from East Hills Paranormal, is not discouraged by the assessment. He says that's only an opinion. In fact, the more he does this, he says the more he believes in ghosts.

The owner of the actual site of Coulterville Orphanage wants other prospective ghost hunters to know it is private property.

More information and photos of the orphanage are for sale in a book available at the Elizabeth Township Historical Society.

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