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Gas Prices Expected To Go Down

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Gas prices have jumped 33 cents in the past month, but oil prices are going down.

That means relief for drivers is coming – just not immediately.

"I know that there was a big decrease in the gasoline market yesterday – the biggest decrease that we've seen since 2008," Don Bowers, of Superior Petroleum, said.

But that 25 cent cheaper gas hasn't made its way to the gas station yet and when it does arrive it won't exactly be 25 cents cheaper.

Gas stations still have $3.90 gas in the ground.

"We lose money on the way up, we make a little bit on the way down, hoping that the street prices stay where they are for a little while so that we can make some money back that we've been losing for the last couple months," Bowers explained.

He says if the current oil price trend continues, gas prices will go down gradually between now and Memorial Day.

"It might be down another 10 or 20 cents, depending on what the market does," Bowers said.

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