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Furry Tails: Come Home… I've Been Waiting For You For So Long

When a family member leaves home, we miss them.

Especially when that family member bravely goes off to serve our country.

But it's not just people who miss them; animals miss their humans very much, too.

Over the years, countless home videos have popped up all over the Internet of pets welcoming home military members. All of the moments emotional, touching and heartfelt.

The latest is from a family not too far from Pittsburgh, and it's sure to make you a little misty.

It begins back in September across the state line in Ohio, Cleveland to be specific. It was last fall when Private Hannah Foraker left home for basic training in Oklahoma and then on to Houston afterward.

She left behind family, friends, and as an animal lover, pets. According to BuzzFeed, Foraker has a horse named Derby, as well as a senior dog, 13-year-old Golden Retriever, Buddy.

It had to be difficult leaving Buddy. Hannah tells BuzzFeed she still remembers Buddy coming into her life as a puppy. Now though, Buddy is "mostly deaf" and suffers from arthritis.

Time and aging have left their mark.

After three months away, Hannah was allowed to return home for the holidays. Her family was thrilled, but none of them more overjoyed and exhilarated than sweet, old Buddy.

Hannah posted the video of her homecoming to YouTube late in February. Watch it for yourself here:

Soldier Coming Home; Dog's Reaction by Berlin - Hannah on YouTube

No, I'm not teary… you're teary!

Hannah says when she and her family first got home; Buddy greeted them all at the door. But then realizing who was finally back, the dog did a "double take" and went right back to the Army private. And that's when the dog started to cry.

Okay, with that emotional part over, here's the rest of the story. But keep your tissues handy.

The elderly dog was so happy to have her girl finally home; Hannah tells BuzzFeed that Buddy was much more active during her visit. A puppy once again.

"She would get up and do her happy dance," Hannah told BuzzFeed.

So, who says animals can't feel, don't have emotions, can't miss someone or something. Buddy begs to differ. And obviously, Hannah loves her dog very much, too.

All the best to this sweet dog and her family. Stay strong Buddy, Hannah needs you. And thank you to Hannah, for bravely protecting our country.


Stay tuned animal lovers for more Furry Tails! You can follow me on Twitter at @HeatherLang24

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