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Former Wrestler Fighting New Battle Following Cancer Treatment

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- In the '80s Nick 'Big Bully' Busick was a mainstay on the rough and tumble circuit of the WWE.

From high school gyms to to major venues, the Bully never played well with others.

To this day he's adored by fans who saw him dropkick and choke hold many a man.

But that was then, in recent years, Busick has come across a new opponent that was much tougher than any grappler he's ever faced.

Busick was diagnosed with stage four cancer, but surgery in 2016 saved him.

"Me and my dad were out to eat and I noticed he mis-ordered a meal," Busick's son Bronco said. "My dad's about as sharp as they come so he's not going to mis-order a meal."

"I was having trouble with my language," Busick said "I was to the point where I was scared and thinking maybe I had some type of dementia."

Neurosurgeon Dr. Richard Williamson performed the surgery at Allegheny General Hospital.

Dr. Williamson had to open up Busick's skull, cutting out the tumor, and removing the threat and the pressure.

Cancer or not, Busick never misses a workout.

Bronco had to watch his father go through two cancer treatments.

"For a second, you almost don't believe it," said Bronco. "To go through such a fight, emotionally and physically, it was draining on me, let alone my dad. Thank god he has such a frame, and such a heart."

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