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Former Ravenstahl Bodyguard To Testify Before Grand Jury

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Fred Crawford, a former bodyguard for Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, spent several hours in FBI interviews on Wednesday.

Sources confirm he provided great detail regarding his claims that Ravenstahl allegedly knew about credit cards used by his bodyguards.

Credit cards paid for from what has been described as an illegal slush fund set up at the police credit union.

"Fred Crawford and his statements are a complete lie, a 100 percent lie," Mayor Ravenstahl said in February. "I look forward to the day the truth ultimately prevails."

Now, the mayor and his attorney are refusing comment.

Sources also confirm Crawford told the FBI a story he told KDKA's Marty Griffin in February.

Crawford says he was ordered to lie by the mayor about working late nights.

Crawford says there was concern about media coverage of the mayor's late nights, "partying at four or five o'clock in the morning," said Crawford.

Crawford says bodyguards were told by the mayor to "never mark that you worked past midnight" on their timecards.

Crawford told the FBI the bodyguards were then ordered to submit false timecards in order to get paid.

When asked about the timecards back in February, Mayor Ravenstahl said: "Every statement that he made is false."

Crawford is expected to convey all of the information he gave to FBI agents in interviews Wednesday to a grand jury on June 18.

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