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Former Ravens Coach Brian Billick Backs Mike Tomlin

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) - FOX & NFL Network analyst Brian Billick weighs in on the Mike Tomlin controversy, saying he believes it was an accident.

Having roamed a sideline or two in his career, the former Baltimore Ravens head coach can understand Mike Tomlin's sideline adventure.

"It's amazing it doesn't happen more often with all that's going on, particularly for the head coach," Billick says. "The conspiracy theorists who said he did it on purpose, that's just ludicrous. Mike Tomlin has certainly earned and banked enough credentials that if he tells you this is what it was, that's what it was. Embarrassing, certainly, but nothing more than that."

Billick agrees with the fine, and he thinks the only way the Steelers lose a draft pick is if the Ravens barely miss out a playoff spot on tiebreakers.

"I think the league has kind of covered itself by saying that if Baltimore suffers a consequence because of point differential, well, we've never gotten to that in the history of the playoffs and the tie-breaking system," he said. "It's inconceivable to me that Pittsburgh is going to suffer the loss of a draft choice."

As for the Steelers, they have four games left to win to stay in the playoff chase. Does Billick think Pittsburgh can run the table? "It depends on which Steelers team we're talking about," he says. "The Steeler team that played Detroit the way they did, absolutely. That team is capable of beating a lot of people. I think they're very capable of it."

Billick also tells how injuries can derail a season, and explains why he would not call the AFC mediocre. Hear those thoughts in the entire interview below:

Brian Billick

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