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Flip Flops May Lead To Foot Pain

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Summer is here; and for many of us, that means, sandals and flip flops are the footwear of choice.

While they're fun and easy, though, flip flops can be hard on your feet. The wrong type of flip flops can lead to foot injury, such as tendonitis, blisters and rashes, according to podiatrist Neal Frankel.

"It's good for the podiatry business, let's put it that way," Frankel says.

Frankel took to the streets to separate the good from the bad.

The first pair he examined was the classic, flat rubber flip flops.

"These are the worst," Frankel says. "Number one, they're very flimsy; there's no support whatsoever. Number two, they're made out of rubber -- so they're very hot. There's no breathing at all."

And Frankel warns consumers should be careful of the thong that goes between the toes.

He says when the flip flop is flimsy and flat, your arches suffer. Frankel says a rubber bottom is just fine; but a rubber insole is sure to make your foot sweaty.

While plastic decorations are OK, plastic straps are sure to pinch. You'll want to avoid them and look for straps made of leather or fabric.

Frankel says a good pair of flip flops can actually help correct foot problems, which makes them not only easy to wear but therapeutic.

Keep On Your Toes: How To Wear Flip-Flips Safely (Tips from the American Podiatric Association)
American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA)
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