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First Sandusky Victim Speaks

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) --- Up until today, he was known as victim number one and the boy whose mother first went to authorities in the Jerry Sandusky case.

Today, the young man is on national television revealing his name and telling his story.

"A victim means people feel sympathy for you. I don't want that. I would rather be somebody that did something good," says victim Aaron Fisher.

That is what 18-year-old Aaron Fisher told ABC's Chris Cuomo for Friday's 20/20 program.

Fisher was among the eight victims who testified at trial and helped convict Jerry Sandusky on 45 counts of child abuse.

Aaron explains in the interview with Cuomo why, as a participant in the Second Mile program for Troubled Youth, he couldn't bring himself to report the abuse sooner.

"Embarrassment…Fear of not being believed," Fisher says.

Some school administrators, in fact, didn't believe him.

One caseworker who interviewed Jerry Sandusky believed Fisher and did not believe Sandusky.

Caseworker Jessica Dershem testified against Sandusky at trial.

"When the question about whether or not his hands had gone below victim one's waistline came up, he did say he could not honestly answer whether or not his hands went below the waistline. I thought that was kind of unusual," Dershem says.

Fisher has since gone public in a book called "Silent No More: Victim 1's Fight for Justice against Jerry Sandusky."

The book, written with the help of his mother and his psychologist, is designed to encourage other victims to tell other people about sexual abuse.

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