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Firm To Help Police Analyze DNA Found In East Liberty Double Murder

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – An outside firm will help police analyze the forensic evidence that led to the arrest of the neighbor of tow sisters murdered in East Liberty.

Though he proclaims his innocence, police are confident they have already built a formidable case against Allen Wade.

"I didn't do anything wrong," Wade said. "And I feel like somebody's trying to set me up to take the fall for this."

Included in police evidence is DNA from a pair of blood-stained pair of sweatpants.

"There's several sources of the DNA on the sweat pants," said Pittsburgh Police Lt. Kevin Kraus.

And an affidavit also confirms that investigators found a mixture of male and female DNA from under the fingernail of Susan Wolfe.

And while the affidavit says that conventional DNA analysis "could not exclude Wade from that mixture," police and prosecutors are looking for more definitive analysis.

That's where Mark Perlin of Oakland firm Cybergenetics comes in.

"Cybergenetics has been retained by the District Attorney's office to analyze the DNA evidence in this case," said Perlin.

Using state of the art computer technology, Cybergenetics gives definitive analysis where conventional DNA falls short – especially in a case where there is a mixture of DNA, which usually is never entered into evidence.

"And it never enters into court, never goes into DNA database and it's never used to resolve a case," said Perlin.

But it did in the case of former state trooper Kevin Foley in the murder of Indiana County dentist John Yelenic.

Perlin also analyzed a mixture of DNA from under the victim's fingernails and established at a probability of 189 billion-to-one that the other person was Foley.

Cybergenetics' technology was upheld by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, and depending on his results, should withstand a challenge in the Wade case.

And so in the trial of Wade, this cutting edge technology will take center stage and prosecutors believe it will prove beyond any reasonable doubt that he – and he alone – is responsible for the murder of the Wolfe sisters.


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