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Fired Pittsburgh Officer Skweres: I Am Innocent

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A fired Pittsburgh police officer, accused of using his position to get sexual favors, says he's innocent.

Officer Adam Skweres is talking publicly for the first time. He told KDKA-TV that he is innocent.

Marty Griffin: "How do you respond to the allegations?"

Adam Skweres: "Well, I'm letting my lawyers deal with it and like I said previously, I'm just trying to push forward and deal with the situation the best I can."

MG: "Are you innocent?"

AS: "Yes. Absolutely. "

MG: "So all these people are liars?"

Phil DiLucente (Defense Attorney): "We are not going to characterize – I don't think anyone should characterize claims that are made by being liars."

Skweres was arrested nearly a month ago. He is now facing bribery, official oppression, coercion and drug possession charges.

MG: "Did you always operate as a police officer with integrity and honesty?"

AS: "Absolutely."

MG: "And did you ever do anything as a police officer to break the law?"

AS: "No. No I did not."

Skweres faces charges involving four women. He is accused of using his job as a police officer, promising to affect a case of a loved one in exchange for sexual favors.

Police also say they found drugs in Skweres' truck in what is called his duty bag.

AS: "I believe in our trial system."

MG: "What about all of the drugs found in your car?"

Phil DiLucente: "Marty, at this juncture he is not going to speak to that."

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