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Finishing Touches Being Put On President Trump's Speech At Marcellus Shale Coalition

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The finishing touches are done on the Shale Insight Conference Hall.

1,400 conferees and the President of the United States are on the way.

"His message is one that resonates broadly throughout this community and it's our intent to open this to the public free of charge," says the President of the Marcellus Shale Coalition Dave Spigelmyer.

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Opening the event to the public will add between six and eight thousand more people to the mix around the convention center.

While Spigelmyer says the decision to invite the public in at no cost was at the request of the White House it does not mean this will be a political event, "I don't have a crystal ball on that kind of stuff certainly his message is one that some will take as a political message," Spigelmyer says.

It's important to note this won't be a swing wide the doors and welcome all comers.

Spigelmyer says, "They do have to register on our site, for folks to participate and have credentials to get into the convention center."

For the City of Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto says the addition of several thousand more people means, "The number of officers that we have to commit will probably be increased."

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Not to mention the traffic congestion with closed streets and the President leaving town between four and five in the afternoon. "If you try to leave downtown Pittsburgh anywhere between four and five you will not move. You will not move."

So he's hoping downtown businesses will heed the warnings and send employees home early.

"I hope that they are because I know what the reaction will be of people in their cars that haven't moved one block in 45 minutes it won't be good. That's the reality of what tomorrow's going to bring."

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