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Filming Of "Batman" Movie Good For Business In Oakland

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- In the shadow of the Cathedral of Learning, a small enterprise has sprung.

For $9, you too can wear the black and gold soon to be made famous by the Gotham Rogues, the team set to take over Heinz Field as part of "The Dark Knight Rises."

For The Pittsburgh Stop, where the blue and gold of Pitt usually rules the day, black and gold has been good for business while the new "Batman" movie films in Oakland.

"A lot of the extras picked them up, and we have people walking by asking about them that are looking over at the 'Batman' set; so, [we're] making some money," said Frank Torcha, of The Pittsburgh Stop.

The crowds around Oakland were a bit smaller on Friday than earlier in the week, but that hasn't stopped nearby businesses from cashing in.

"Absolutely. If there's an opportunity where they can participate and help their business, that's a good thing," said Dawn Keezer, of the Pittsburgh Film Office. "A lot of the time, we talk about the trickle-down effect. People come in, hire local people, they go to the shoe store, the grocery store - if your business is mobile and you can take advantage of the onlookers, by all means, that's great."

But it's not just about the apparel tie in to the movie.

The folks at Franktuary already do a pretty big business downtown, but they've taken their business on the road and the gamble has paid off.

"We've driven the truck past and around the filming area and someone with 'Batman' credentials and said 'Batman love Franktuary!'" said owner Megan Lindsey.

Lindsay advertised the temporary Oakland location on Twitter, just a few blocks away from the set, and she's hoping it won't just drive business, but bring it back.

"It's great. I think anything that is out of the ordinary brings people out on the streets, that's what we want to see. We want to see people on the streets," she said.

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