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Pittsburgh Community Bands Together To Provide Resources For People Battling Mental Illness, Homelessness, Addiction

HIGHLAND PARK (KDKA) -- In Highland Park, the step to recovery was one step closer Saturday morning.

"I've been there and done that," Jackie Jordan said.

Jordan, a McKeesport resident, has been clean for more than 13 years.

"It just didn't come to me. I had to go get it. I had to leave everything alone to succeed," Jordan said.

Resources from the Pittsburgh area were brought out to a baseball field by the Fellowship Hall Resource Center. They wanted to help people battling mental illness, homelessness, and addiction to be connected with helpful resources.

"In this pandemic that's going on, all these resources are very well needed more than anything," Fellowship Hall Resource Center president Henry Wilson said.

According to the Addiction Center, it is estimated 40-60% of people recovering from addiction will relapse. Some estimates are as high as 90%. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced some people into isolation.

"I can always talk to one of these people right out here and get restored," Pittsburgh resident Mark Anger said.

Nielsen data said sales of alcohol outside of bars and restaurants have gone up almost 25% during the pandemic.

"This is what it's all about being on that other side. Enjoying yourself without that drug or without that drink," Jordan said.

"We got a promise of a better tomorrow because people are helping each other," 24th district Representative Ed Gainey (D) said.

The group also had a march for peace love and unity.

"There's nothing wrong with protesting, but there's love that needs to be back in the community right now to be able to unite everybody together," Wilson said.

If you are looking for help and couldn't get it to Saturday's event, you contact the Fellowship Hall Recourse Center at:

(412) 606-5742
P.O. Box 90186 Pittsburgh, PA 15224

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