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FedEx driver's life saved during delivery in Pittsburgh-area neighborhood

FedEx driver's life saved during delivery
FedEx driver's life saved during delivery 02:16

BRIDGEVILLE, Pa. (KDKA) — A state senator and his neighbor are being hailed as heroes for jumping into action and saving the life of a FedEx driver.

Mark Macala was working from home on Thursday in Bridgeville and as he answered the ring of his doorbell, he saw a FedEx driver collapse to the ground. 

"Came out to ask the guy how many boxes there were and mid-syllable he just collapsed," Macala said.

Macala rushed to his side to render aid and called 911. 

"It was a bit shocking and I knew something was bad," he added. "He wasn't breathing. So, I was just trying to open his mouth as best I could and give the 911 operator all the information as it was going on."  

At that same time, Republican State Sen. Devlin Robinson pulled into his driveway and realized what was going on across the street. He dropped everything and raced to help. 

"I flopped him over and saw he wasn't breathing. So, I gave him a sternum rub and that seemed like what opened up his airway," he said. 

Both Senator Robinson and Macala performed chest compressions and worked to maintain the man's pulse until paramedics arrived. As the two men are being hailed as heroes, they believe they were in the right place at the time. 

"It was a miracle all these things happening, and I hope it's all for the best. I don't know his name yet, don't know anything about him other than he has a fighting chance. So yeah, stars did align," Macala said. 

"Everybody should know basic first aid and CPR because you never know what's going to happen when someone is just delivering a package and they need help," Robinson said. 

KDKA-TV was told the man is currently in intensive care.

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