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COVID-19 Vaccines: FDA Set To Discuss Single-Dose Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

WASHINGTON (KDKA) - Today, a special FDA committee will be discussing various issues such as if there are any side effects to Johnson & Johnson's single-shot COVID-19 vaccine.

Overall, Johnson & Johnson says their vaccination is 66% effective at preventing moderate-to-severe cases of COVID-19.

While that may not be as effective as others, which are currently being used, it is only a single dose shot with no booster required.

According to Johnson & Johnson, the goal is to prevent hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19.

President Joe Biden has said that should the FDA authorize, a plan is ready to roll out the vaccine as quickly as possible.

"If the FDA approves the use of this new vaccine, we have a plan to roll it out as quickly as Johnson & Johnson can make it, we'll use every conceivable way to expand manufacturing of the vaccine, and will make even more rapid progress on overall vaccines in March," Mr. Biden said.

The goal is to have around 20 million doses delivered by the end of March but overall the goal is to deliver 100 million doses by June.

Meanwhile, here at home, the Allegheny County Health Department is planning to begin administering the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for those in Phase 1A.

For more about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and the FDA committee meeting - head to CBS News.

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