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Police: Man Hits Woman In The Face With Full Beer Can, Shots Fired

REDSTONE TOWNSHIP (KDKA) -- A Fayette County man is facing charges after police say he hit a woman in the face with a full can of beer, then got into a gunfight with three men in her family.

Hunters Ridge apartment tenant Marcia Bowden's tells KDKA when it comes to the suspect, 57-year-old Charles Edward Chandler Jr., she always gives him space.‬ ‪

"We walk away from him because he's really scary," she said.

Chandler of Mt. Pleasant is in the Fayette County Jail after he allegedly attacked a woman.

Investigators say it all started Friday night and continued into Saturday morning when the woman's family showed up at the Hunters Ridge Apartments in Redstone Township.

Police were called there around 11:30 a.m. Saturday after the gunfire.

According to the criminal complaint, Charles Chandler and the victim were drinking on Friday night when they got into an argument.

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"The boyfriend grabbed a full beer can, threw it at the victim and hit her in the face with it," says State Trooper Robert Broadwater‬.

Police say it hit her right between her eyes.

While the victim was cleaning up her face, Chandler fell asleep.

A friend came over the next morning, and wanted to call police. However, investigators say the victim did not want law enforcement to be involved.

Instead, the friend called the victim's daughter. Police say she brought her brother, boyfriend and father to the house.

The criminal complaint says the three men went upstairs, where they woke up Chandler and tried to escort him from the home.

Once outside, police say Chandler pulled a gun from underneath the driver's seat in his car. He's accused of firing "numerous shots" at the victim's son and ex-husband.

Police say the ex-husband then pulled his gun and returned fire.

None of the men were hit in the gunfire.

Chandler took off, but was pulled over a short time later by state police and taken into custody. He's being held on $200,000 straight cash bond.

He is now facing numerous charges, including attempted homicide. He also has a previous conviction on felony charges.

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