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'Steelers Fans Are Crazy' JJ Watt Reacts To Brothers TJ And Derek Being In Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - The Steelers now have two of the three Watt brothers.

After Derek signed with the team in March, joining TJ, a movement has begun among Steelers fans to get JJ to join the team and complete the trifecta.

"Steelers fans are crazy," JJ said to late-night host Jimmy Fallon. "Steelers fans have been in my Twitter mentions, they've been on my Instagram page, they've been creating these mockups, like, 'come join us, come join us!' I'm like, I don't know if you understand how this works, it's not like you just pick up and choose where you want to go."

While it doesn't appear like there's any movement on JJ becoming a Steeler, he did tell Fallon that with two of the three brothers being on the Steelers, family loyalties may shift.

"It's not fair for me," he said referring to his mom's rooting interest. "She used to have a jersey that was Chargers, Steelers, Texans, so it's one-third, one-third, one-third, now it's going to be two-thirds Steelers, one-third Texans, so I'm pretty screwed in that category."

Joking aside, JJ discussed what a dream come true it was for TJ and Derek to play on the same NFL team.

"It's crazy, they were going through free agency, he had heard that the Steelers may be a possibility and the whole time we were thinking it would be incredible if they got a chance to play together and now they get a chance," he said. "They're going to live in the same neighborhood, it's a dream come true for them."

The 2020 Steelers schedule isn't completed yet but it is known that they will play the Houston Texans at Heinz Field, meaning all three Watt brothers will take the field in the same game.

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