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Fans Scramble To Fill Out NCAA Brackets

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - The bracket buzz of March Madness has begun.

With Selection Sunday over, people are busy planning their picks for the NCAA Tournament.

For a lot of sports fans, bracketology is serious business.

For some, it's the rush and for others, it's all about the competition with co-workers.

March Madness is here and if you haven't filled out your bracket yet, you better get busy.

"It's insane, and it's going to be very secretive too. Once we all fill out our brackets back there in our little 'Fan Morning Show' cubbyhole, I'll be making sure to peak over my shoulder to make sure nobody is seeing what I'm doing," Greg Giannotti said.

At 93-7 The Fan, the morning show team is gearing up for all the action.

The guys said they spend about 15 minutes making their picks. According to a new Yahoo Sports survey the average fan spends 75 minutes filling out their bracket.

"Anybody who spends more than that, probably should get themselves evaluated. If you're spending over an hour filling out a bracket, there has got to be something in your life that you are dropping the ball on," Giannotti said.

"It's not a fine wine. Your picks don't get better with time. You either know who is going to win or you don't," Paul Alexander said.

According to the survey, fans fill out an average of 4.5 brackets and 1-in-7 fans have called in sick to watch the games.

"I used to every single Thursday, the first day of the tournament, go from noon until midnight, watch the entire first round and that was a vacation day for me every year," Alexander said.

As far as advice on winning the big prize, it seems everyone has their own science.

"Sometimes I work backwards. I'll pick out a Final Four and then I'll go backwards and try to plug in a few upsets. You always look for a 12-seed to win," Jim Colony said.

"It always ends up being someone who knows nothing about sports. That's what's so funny about these brackets. Very rarely does the person who knows the most about college basketball win the whole thing, It's usually someone who just ends up filling out whatever was on their mind or just pick names out of the hat that wins the whole thing," Giannotti said.


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