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Family's Home Covered In Blood After Deer Crashes Through Window

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A deer destroyed furniture, broke glass and even jumped into a woman's bed Sunday.

Everywhere you look inside the home at 6100-Grafton Street in Highland Park, there is blood, furniture knocked on its sides and broken glass, after an uninvited guest came crashing through the living room window.

Well, not a guest, but rather a deer.

"It was running all around the house, ransacking everything," said the homeowner. "Destroying everything and left blood everywhere, on the wall, on the carpet. We're going to have to throw our carpet out."

"He scared her," said the homeowner's niece, Roxanne Thomas, "and she scared him and he ran back out."

A neighbor saw the deer as it entered and called 911. Another neighbor helped get the deer outside, but by then, the deer had been in almost every room of the house. No one was hurt, but hat house was a mess.

"And now he is injured and somewhere up in Highland Park," Thomas said. "I don't know what that deer was thinking."

Although it's still unclear what caused the deer to jump through the window, no humans were hurt.

Trina Orlando reports:

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