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Family Makes Desperate Plea For Liver Donation To Help Gravely Ill Teen

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- There is an unusual and desperate plea to the public from the parents of a local teenager who is in Children's Hospital near death; his liver, failing.

"We're just desperately saying we need a liver, and we need it fast," says Linda Snow, the boy's mother.

It's a most unusual public plea from the parents of a critically ill boy.

Adam Snow, of Butler County, is hospitalized with acute liver failure. To survive, the 14-year-old ninth grader needs an entire new liver.

His parents say time is of the essence, and they are reaching out to the public for help; reaching out to anyone who will listen.

"That is our prayer, that someone will reach out, and I know they're already in a horrible position," said Linda. "I'm sure that they don't want to deal with their own trauma, but this could save a life."

Adam is in a drug-induced coma, unconscious and unable to communicate. He's been moved up to the number one spot on the organ transplant waiting list, according to his family.

"He's sedated, and one of the reasons he's sedated is just his motor functions are gone because of high ammonium levels that are affecting his brain," said Mel Snow, Adam's dad.

The boy's liver was attacked by an airborne virus; and for some unexplained reason, his immune system was unable to fight it.

"It's so traumatic to see him in two-and-a-half weeks' time go from what he was to where he's at now," said Adam's dad.

A perfect match for Adam would be O Negative blood type. The second choice is O Positive and the third choice is A or B in perfect condition.

"All of our children have stated that they will be a living donor. At this point, we cannot do that. We need an entire liver, but all of the children and my husband included wanted to do this, but the doctors say we need help," said Linda.

If you would like to help, contact Children's Hospital at:

  • 412-692-6110
  • 877-640-6746

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