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'The Unknown': Families Demanding Answers From Brighton Rehab And Wellness Center In Beaver Co.

BEAVER COUNTY (KDKA) -- Family members are demanding answers about their loved ones at Brighton Rehab and Wellness Center in Beaver County.

LaNita Desire is concerned about her 91-year-old father — who was released from the center last month — and her aunt, who still remains there.

The virus is spreading quickly through Brighton Rehabilitation and Wellness Center, where everyone is now presumed positive.

"He's fine," Desire said. "He isn't showing any signs of the virus. We don't know about my aunt. We don't know because I haven't seen her."


Desire does not know when she will see her aunt again because family members are not allowed inside the facility.

"I had called the center yesterday to check on her but everything goes to voicemail," Desire said on Thursday.

In addition to her own family member, Desire says neighbors and friends are also at the facility.

"It's hard," Desire said. "We don't know if she is one of the ones being carted out daily. We can't get there. She doesn't have a cell phone. There are no phones in the room. We just don't know. It's just the unknown, not knowing. We are concerned about not knowing."

More information on the Coronavirus pandemic:

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