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'Completely False:' County Police Say Facebook Post Alleging Coyotes Attacking People In North Park Is Bogus

NORTH PARK (KDKA) -- We're told don't believe everything you see on the internet, and, according to police, there is a Facebook post gathering attention in the North Hills that falls into this category.

It's gathering several shares and engagement about coyotes attacking people in North Park.

In a statement from Allegheny County Police, they say the post is quote "completely false" and say these are unsubstantiated social media rumors.

This post on social media has been shared more than 1,000 times since being put up just before noon on Saturday. It claims four people have been attacked in North Park by coyotes, and one of the victims was attacked while she was tying her shoes.

It's gathered dozens of comments and engagements. Go down through the comments and someone else claims there has been a fifth attack.

When we asked to confirm these claims, county police say there have been zero police or medical calls of any such incidents recently. There have been no calls from county dispatch pertaining to coyotes.

According to them, this post from a personal Facebook account is not true.

These posts are not new to officers. Investigators say they have seen posts alleging everything from alligators to a unicorn being spotted in North Park.

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