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Extreme Cold Causing Tires To Go Flat

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - The extreme cold has been causing all sorts of problems from water main breaks to car issues.

In fact, auto repair shops have been swamped with flat tires.

At Lockhart's Tire on the North Side, employees have been handling a lot. Today alone, three flat tires came in before 9 a.m.

"A lot of flats, a lot of low pressure. Tire lights come on all the time, people come in maybe eight to 10 a day," Damon Rauso said.

That number is a definite increase for Lockhart's.

Employees said the recent brutal cold snap is causing tires to deflate.

"When the temperature drops, the pressure is going to drop with it and then with aluminum wheels, the wheels tend to shrink a little bit and then the air just, the air comes out," Rauso said.

The best way to prevent ending up in a garage is to use a tire pressure gauge regularly. They are inexpensive and pretty easy to use.

"You can buy a pressure gauge for a few dollars at Advanced Auto Parts or anywhere like that," Rauso said.

You can typically find the specific pressure for your vehicle's tires on a sticker on the inside of the driver's side door.

Most newer models have sensors right in the tires to tell you when the pressure is low, but it's best to always double check.

"The cars will give you a pressure, some cars, but they are usually not that accurate. They are close, but they're not. Don't go by your car, go by your gauge, the car is usually off a few pounds," Rauso said.

If your tire looks even a little flat, don't drive on it or you may end up having to replace the wheel.


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