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Expert Explains How To Cut Down On Wireless Waste

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The Palumbo family has a lot of cell phones and a big wireless bill.

They're spending hundreds of dollars a month.

"Well, it's $400 is what it comes out to," says Michael Palumbo.

For many people, that's a car payment. The Palumbos check their bill about every six months, but we decided to have it analyzed by professionals who specialize in finding wireless waste.

Todd Dunphy, President of, explains what wireless waste is.

"So it's the difference between what you pay and what you use on your phone bill and in this country Americans are overspending about $52.8 billion," Dunphy said.

Dunphy is the founder of Save Love Give -- a company that focuses on saving people money.

"We built the website so it can analyze your actual phone bill, look at the usage and charges and actually compare it to the plans that are available," Dunphy said.

Avoid wireless waste rule No. 1: pay attention to small things that add up.

After checking the Palumbo's bill, Dunphy found plenty of savings -- more than $500 per year that could be knocked off their bill.

"He's on the wrong plan," Dunphy said. "So the plan could save him 10 bucks a month and then he has a strange little ring tone charge that's $9.99."

That's news Palumbo and his wife Kristen.

On one KDKA employee's bill, Dunphy found a monthly charge for an international calling plan that has never been used.

"See here, it seems small, but four bucks -- it's a cup of coffee, but four times 12, a month," Dunphy said.

Rule No.2: use your company discount.

"Most of the people in this country work for a company that provide a 6 to 25 percent discount," Dunphy said.

KDKA's Susan Koeppen was missing the CBS discount -- costing me a savings of almost $6 each month.

Rule No. 3: you don't need insurance.

"Some people, insurance works, but we're not fans of it," Dunphy said. "We don't like the red tape that is involved with it."

Dunphy says that's $20 dollars a month that Koeppen didn't need to spend.

Rule No. 4: have your bill analyzed on a regular basis. You can do that for free at

So you go to the website and you put in your username and password it does its thing and in less than five minutes -- your bill will be analyzed.

"Yeah and it will show you what you have and then four different plans for you to pick from starting from the highest savings to the lowest," Dunphy says.

The Palumbos say they're ready to dial back their wireless waste – after finding out that they can save more than $500 per year.

"It makes me feel stupid because I didn't do it earlier," says Kristen Palumbo. "I'm spending all that money and throwing it all away."

People who use Save Love Give, can donate the money they've saved to the charity of the month. To find out more about the featured charity, visit the site here:

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