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First-Of-Its-Kind Display To Debut On Rachel Carson Bridge On Light Up Night

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The city will soon kick off the holiday season with the popular, annual Light Up Night celebration in Downtown Pittsburgh.

There's always a lot of new stuff to look forward to each year, but this time, Pittsburgh is pulling off a "world exclusive." And they were testing it out on the Rachel Carson Bridge on Wednesday evening.

The intriguing illuminated installation is an exciting mix of meteorology, environmentalism and art, known as Energy Flow Bridge Lighting. It's a "world's first," according to the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership.

The cascading columns of colors are certainly sparking interest.

"I thought it was incredible," said Robert Russell, an onlooker. "It draws a lot of attention. I think it's something unique and great for the city."

"This right here, seeing this for the first time is actually beautiful," said Kevin Lane, another onlooker. "I'm about to sit right here and just look at it, probably take a walk across there take a closer look."

That closer inspection reveals no plugs and no batteries. Instead, it is run by 16 wind turbines that power 27,000 LED lights. The patterns you see depict the speed and direction of the wind.

For more information on the display, visit Light Up Night's website at this link.

The project is presented by Covestro.

"The LED lighting display that uses the vertical support mechanisms of the bridge, the cables so to speak, to provide lighting on both sides in a unique way," said Bob Walker, of Covestro.

Proving no city powers up the holiday season quite like Pittsburgh.

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