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Help Wanted: Employers Offering Incentives, Higher Wages While Searching For Employees

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - As employers shout from the rooftops that they can't get enough workers, those who work to match workers to jobs say workers are hesitant.

"There's plenty of jobs I have oodles of jobs, probably about 100 right now," says Pam Weigand at Krown Employment Service who's been in the business for 30 years.

Kelly Prucnal at Carol Harris Staffing adds, "A lot of people are looking, but they're looking for wages that are higher than what we used to be able to offer."

Purcnal says part of the reason for that is the competition employers are facing from the government, "Unemployment and you know the stimulus checks."

Weigand agrees.

She says people are getting enough from those support programs they can afford to sit on the sideline.

"We find that a lot of people just won't answer their phone, they say they're going to go to work, they don't go to work, and there's no real consequence for them not to take a job," and she says believe it or not, "there's people that are trying to get laid off if they are working because they want to get unemployment or that extra money."

So Prucnal says employers are offering incentives.

"Extra seasonal pay right now, extra bonuses for attendance, there's a lot out there for employees if you're looking for work," she explained.

"Not only is it important to get people to work so the economy can go, but it's important for people to go to work because that's where we get our self-worth, most of the time," Weigand said.

Plus she says there are businesses running at diminished capacities because they don't have workers.

"If you want to go to work, you can find work."

"There are a lot of companies that are looking for, hardworking employees that can hopefully get in and stick and stay with the company," Prucnal points out.

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Weigand says we are not talking about just minimum wage jobs.

"I have positions from $10 an hour to $40 an hour, and can't fill many of those, whether it be in the production arena manufacturing skilled trades, as well as hospitality," she said.

If you are employed Weigand says it's a great time to look around!

"You might say hey I want to I want to go work for this company I've always wanted to work for this company now might be a time to send your resume," she added.

But Prucnal says employers are looking for commitment.

"I think people are doing a lot of, let's try this, Let's try this instead of having it as going in and this is my job and I'm going to do it at 110%," Prucnal explained.

These veterans of the job hunt say if you are comfortable with unemployment and stimulus you have the luxury to take your time finding permanent employment but don't wait too long.

Come September or whenever the benefits run out the job market is going to be swarming with applicants.

Weigand says polish up your resume now and start looking.

Prucnal points out that many employment services, like theirs, have online applications that you can fill out and then sit back to see what might be out there for you.

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