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Emergency Motion Filed In Jordan Brown Case

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The prosecution in the case of Jordan Brown, who was 11 years old when he was charged with killing his father's fiancé, has filed an emergency motion to have an appeals court review the latest ruling that overturned his verdict.

That put off a detention hearing that was scheduled for today. Last week a panel of three Superior Court judges ruled there wasn't enough evidence to find that Brown was delinquent in the deaths of Kenzie Houk and her unborn child.

"They're looking at two options. One, asking the Superior Court to review and rehear the arguments in front of the entire panel of nine judges," said defense attorney Dennis Elisco. "Alternatively, they're looking into petitioning the state Supreme Court for a review of the Superior Court's opinion throwing out the verdict."

Elisco thinks the defense is in a good position right now, although it could be weeks before the issue is resolved.

"From a defense standpoint, this is the most strategically advantageous position we've ever been in in the case," said Elisco.

And he says his client understands more about the process now.

"Jordan understands pretty much anything I tell him," Elisco said. "He's very bright and he understands that based on the opinion by the Superior Court that we're in a position now where we can see light at the end of the tunnel because once the appeal by the commonwealth is exhausted and the case is remanded here, we're either going to be gearing up for a retrial or try to prevent a retrial unless they can produce any additional new evidence."

Academically, Elisco says Brown is excelling, now that he is housed at George Junior Republic near Grove City. He is now 15 years old.

"He's testing out on a math and science level as a freshman in college and this is all after two-and-a-half years not getting anything, really, except being warehoused."

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