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Duquesne School District Presents Preliminary Budget

DUQUESNE (KDKA) -- State education cuts now have the Duquesne City School District dealing with a $2.5 million budget shortfall.

The school board passed a preliminary budget Thursday night and took into consideration a proposed plan from the Department of Education to look at options if the budget gap can't be met.

"What we have to we've included in the budget. What we'd like to do is seek some alternative sources of funding. The goal is to keep as many positions that are closest to serving the needs of the students," Amy Morton, executive deputy secretary with the Department of Education, said.

But the proposal and unbalanced budget has the community fearful this is the beginning of the end for their school district.

"Early indications show that next year's school will have a decrease in teachers by 50 percent, increase class size from 30 and 50 percent," Stan Whiteman, president of the Duquesne Education Association, said.

'I'm concerned and fearful that they're not going to get the right education. I think they know exactly what's going on and they're not letting us know," Michelle Roland, a parent, said.

Both sides frustrated dealing with the hand that Harrisburg has now dealt them.

The school board will have until June 28 to try and fill that budget shortfall before they pass a final budget.

If the public would like to view the preliminary budget, a hard copy will be available Friday at the district. Next Tuesday, copy of it will be on their website.

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