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Dr. Cyril Wecht Answers Cyanide Questions

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Late Friday night, Pittsburgh Police and FBI agents searched the home of Dr. Autumn Marie Klein and her husband Dr. Robert Ferrante.

Sources confirm they grabbed computers, clothing items, documents, a couple of cars, a few hair brushes and more.

Much of this evidence will at some point will be looked at by Dr. Cyril Wecht.

"The body's been cremated," Wecht said. "That's regrettable."

Wecht has not looked at the case yet, can not talk specifics, but he can talk about cyanide. If someone ingests a small amount -- about the size an aspirin, maybe two -- death comes quickly.

"If you take, let's say enough, three, four hundred milligrams," he said, "you probably will die quickly."

He said it would only take a minute or two.

Regarding this case, there has been talk that Klein was taking the supplement creatine, that it produces an amount of cyanide in the body.

Dr. Wecht addressed the creatine issue.

"There might be a small amount of cyanide formed from keratin, but not a large amount," Wecht said. "You'd have to be taking huge, huge quantities of creatine."

Wecht also suggest that cyanide is very difficult to come by.

"I think that you would have to have a commercial laboratory of some kind," he said. "I think you would have to be registered, or have an industrial complex that buys industrial cyanide and so on."

Sources close to this case call it very difficult and complex -- in fact, suggesting if charges are ever filed against anyone and it's too difficult to tell at this time.

The case may have to be presented to a grand jury first and charges come from an indictment.

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