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Dozens Hold Protest Outside Mayor's Office Over Ad Campaign

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's political ad campaign against Councilman Bill Peduto brought dozens of protestors to his office today.

It was more fall-out from the disclosure on Tuesday that Ravenstahl was behind a group called Committee for a Netter Pittsburgh.

Protestors led by the Service Employees Union gathered outside Ravenstahl's office to protest what they call the mayor's deceitful ad campaign against Peduto.

"It made me sick to my stomach. We have fought the mayor on so many fights, and Bill Peduto has always stood right next to us," Pamela Rall-Johnston said.

Organizers said Ravenstahl -- given his anti-worker record -- was the last person who should be running ads about a living wage.

"It's highly ironic when you consider the history. When you consider the fact that when hundreds of working people came to this mayor and said we need your help. We want to rewrite development policy in this city so that it helps to expand and build the middle class, he chained the doors of his office shut and refused to engage in that conversation," Sam Williams of SEIU Local 32 said.

That was in late July of 2009, when the mayor had chains put on his door to keep protestors out. This time, protestors brought their own chain to remind everyone of that incident and assailed Ravenstahl's ad campaign against Peduto.

"Those ads were lies. We stood in those chambers. Mr. Peduto stood up in front of all of us and supported working people everywhere. He spoke in favor of the prevailing wage and voted for it. That's the truth," Pastor Ken Love said.

"Mayor Ravenstahl should actually stay out of the picture. He decided not to run for mayor. We should hear the ideas of the candidates, not this constant tearing each other apart. It makes no sense to me," Tony Helfer of United Food & Commercial Workers, Local 23 said.


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