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Congressman Mike Doyle's South Side Office, Candidate Sean Parnell's House Vandalized With Similar Messages

SOUTH SIDE (KDKA) -- Two local politicians, a Democrat and a Republican, both the victims of apparent vandalism overnight.

Rep. Mike Doyle's office and congressional candidate Sean Parnell's home were tagged with the same message:

"Elections, no. Revolution, yes."

Rep. Mike Doyle's office on the South Side was tagged with the message and what appears to be a hammer and a sickle, the same message that appeared on Parnell's garage door.

"There is an election coming up," Parnell said. "Things are hyper-partisan, but this type of behavior isn't acceptable on either side of the aisle."

Red spray paint stretched across the Republican U.S. Congressional candidate's garage door on Sunday morning and across the front of Democrat Doyle's office.

The message was accompanied by a hammer and sickle, the symbol commonly associated with communism.

"Send a message at the ballot box if you're unhappy with me or what I stand for, but don't come to my home and vandalize my home," Parnell said.

While the punctuation did differ between the messages at Parnell's home and Doyle's office, Parnell said he found a brick near the garage that wasn't there before.

"What happened to Mike Doyle's office, absolutely wrong in every sense of the word," he said. "This is my house though. My kids sleep here."

Congressman Doyle was unable to speak to KDKA on Sunday but did provide a statement.

"The overwhelming majority of Americans wholeheartedly support free and fair elections, which are the foundation of our democratic government. Vandalism by a few self-described revolutionaries will never change that."

Pittsburgh Police say they are investigating the vandalism at Doyle's office. Meanwhile, Parnell said he has been in contact with police in Ohio Township.

Ohio Township Police could not be reached on Sunday, but confirmed on Monday that they are investigating the incident at Parnell's home.

"The type of vandalism or violence to further political goals is unacceptable whether it happens to a Republican or a Democrat," Parnell said.

Both Parnell and Doyle are running in the election on Tuesday.

Parnell in the 17th congressional district against Conor Lamb and Doyle is the incumbent defending his seat against Luke Negron in the 18th congressional district.

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