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Dormont, Beechview Residents Experiencing Constant Power Outages

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - There are no storms and no trees down so why is the power constantly going out in Beechview?

"It could be anywhere from five to 20 times. We communicate on the Beechview community page and everyone south of Pauline Street has been experiencing this," said Beecvhiew resident Nate Moreno.

Moreno said that's twenty times a day for the last week and a half.

"Around 3:30 to 5 p.m. it starts and all of a sudden things start to beep, the fans go off, the AC goes off, then 20-30 seconds later or more things will turn back on and you have to reboot," Moreno said.

Moreno told KDKA it's a problem as people like himself are working from home. If you go down the street to Dormont, people there said it's the same issue.

"I mean we are a gas station that can't sell gas. It's been happening a lot the last week and a half and it's making our days super stressful," said Laura Baker, who works at CoGo's.

KDKA was inside the CoGo's on Friday as the power went out then clicked back on.

"A two-second power outage is 20 minutes we can't sell gas," Baker said.

A Duquesne Light spokesperson told KDKA a cable broke at a substation on Monday, impacting power to both communities, but that doesn't answer the problems on the other days. She said with high heat and a stormy season, the system is stressed, and these outages can happen.

"If the equipment is old, fess up to it. Fix it, replace it. You can only imagine more people are working from home and spending more time at home, it is overloading the system, but give us some transparency here, we are paying customers," Moreno said.

Duquesne Light is asking customers to willingly shut off the AC or turn off electronics to limit the stress on the system.

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