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Doomsday "Prepping" Becoming More Popular

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – They call themselves "Preppers," people preparing for a catastrophic event.

It could be anything from a natural disaster to the zombie apocalypse, and it's becoming increasingly popular in Western Pennsylvania.

Some high-profile Pittsburghers are joining in the "Preppers" movement.

Most of the "Preppers" KDKA Investigator Marty Griffin encountered didn't want to show their faces.

People from four states recently gathered in a Pittsburgh hotel.

Their teacher simply goes by the name "Patriot Nurse," and says she goes all around the world teaching the classes.

"Patriot Nurse," who we are told is a registered nurse, has what she describes as her medical kit. Two tables of must have items necessary for survival during war or Armageddon, including whiskey and condoms.

"To hear your students come back and say, in a disaster, I heard you speaking in my head, and it helped save my husband or child's life."

Pittsburgh Republican Mayoral candidate Josh Wander and his family are featured in a TV series called doomsday "preppers."

Wanders manages the Jewish "preppers" organization, and says there are several hundred "preppers" in the region, but very few here are preparing for doomsday.
Wander says he is being prepared for any sort of disaster that should come.

Wander says he is at the meeting as both a "prepper" and a mayoral candidate, "It's important to lead by example, being a candidate for mayor to show people how important it is to be prepared medically."

Wander was the only local "prepper" willing to appear on camera. Most of the members hate to be classified as freaks in backyard bunkers. Truth is, most of them say they just want to be prepared for an emergency.

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