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Dog found tied to tree gets second chance at life thanks to Pittsburgh community

Dog found tied to tree gets second chance at life
Dog found tied to tree gets second chance at life 02:21

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A dog has inspired people all over Pittsburgh to open their hearts and wallets to make sure she has a brighter future.

Josie, a retriever mix, was tied to a tree and abandoned in McCandless. She was taken to the West Deer Dog Shelter, where they discovered she needed a lot of medical care. After being left for dead, the 10-year-old dog has a new lease on life.

"I am hoping the person did it because they had no choice, the shelters are all so full right now," said Barbara Pasquale, volunteer kennel manager.

McCandless police turned Josie into the shelter, where Pasquale has made it her mission to save Josie's life.

"She has a zest for life that you would not imagine in a 10-year-old dog," Pasquale said. "She has more energy at 10 than my 2-year-old dog has in there. She is affectionate she is sweet."

Thanks to almost $6,000 raised to help Josie, Pasquale says she can get the medical care she desperately needs.

"I would like to thank everybody who has donated," she said. "They have been so generous and so kind and the people calling and saying they're rooting for her."

On Tuesday, Josie had surgery for a tumor, had 15 teeth removed and was spayed. However, Pasquale says more money is needed for future medical care but says any extra left over will be given to the next dog that needs medical aid.

 "I've been doing it for over 30 years," Pasquale said. "You get sad sometimes and disheartened thinking, is there no good left? Something like this happens and it reaffirms your faith. That there are still good people out there that really do care."

Anyone who would like to donate can drop off or mail donations to the West Deer Dog Shelter or Venmo West Deer Dog Shelter.

"All of our money goes straight to the dogs," Pasquale said. "It is all for medical bills."

Josie is currently recovering from a very long but successful surgery. She will need to undergo a second one a month from now, but thanks to donations she's going to be OK.

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