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Residents On Tyler Avenue In Export Not Receiving Mail After Dog Chases Postal Carrier, USPS Says

EXPORT, Pa. (KDKA) - Some residents in Westmoreland County haven't received mail deliveries in weeks because of concerns about a dog that allegedly chases the mail carrier.

Residents on Tyler Avenue in Export told KDKA that a neighbor's dog has repeatedly gotten loose and chased the postal carrier. A U.S. Postal Service spokesperson confirmed its carrier has been chased and cornered on more than one occasion.

"We're citizens, and we should be able to have our mail delivered to us," resident Kimberly Webber said.

About a dozen mailboxes on Tyler Avenue have been empty for more than a month. Mayor Joe Zaccagnini confirmed mail delivery stopped about a month ago because of a dog issue.

"It's been five weeks, we haven't gotten mail. We just want our mail. There are 10 families impacted on this street. Somebody do something for us," resident Roy Bruggeman said.

A U.S. Postal service spokesperson said, "Mail for this neighborhood has been temporarily curtailed due to the presence of a loose, aggressive dog. The safety of our carriers and customers is a priority and we are working with the local Dog Warden to remedy this situation."

Maria Dillman, animal control officer with Hideaway Kennels, confirmed several complaints have been made about a dog getting out and chasing the mail carrier.

"Postal carriers were attacked on this street, not bitten, chased, jumped on, backed into a fence," Bruggeman said.

This has left residents frustrated and having to drive to Murrysville to pick up their mail at the post office.

"It's very inconvenient. I have to travel four miles down the road," Bruggeman said.

"I go down to the post office, I take time out of my day to go down there," said David Foresman, who has to leave work to get his mail on time.

"We have neighbors here that have mobility issues, they have health issues and it's hard for them to get down there. Something needs to be done," Webber said.

Mayor Zaccagnini said everyone involved is trying to get the problem rectified to make sure the dog is properly kept on its property, so residents can get their mail again and everyone is safe.

"It's a crazy situation and it does need to be rectified," Foresman said.

The U.S. Postal Service did not provide a timeline for how long it may take to get mail delivery service back up for this area.

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