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Does It Really Do That? Wilson Sleek

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Cell phone technology and service keeps getting better, but a poor signal can still be a pain.

Made for use in your car, the Wilson Sleek claims to be able to boost your cell phone signal more than 20 times so that you don't ever have to worry about dropped calls again.

The company says it's so reliable that thousands of emergency and government agencies rely on the technology. But does it really do that?

KDKA's Jennifer Antkowiak gave the Wilson Sleek a try to see if it holds up to those claims.

A weak cell signal is a frustrating problem for Laura Colby. She deals with it daily in and around her home in Ross Township.

"We laugh because we can't talk on our cell phones inside of our house. We actually have to come out onto our driveway, front porch; sometimes I've even gone out to the edge of the front yard to stand and make my calls," she said. "It's just very poor."

Laura would love more power!

"I need to be able to reach people when I need them, quickly and often," she said.

Wilson Sleek's commercial says its patented technology takes weak cell phone signals and amplifies them both to and from the cell tower. Laura was eager to see if it worked.

The Wilson Sleek is a cell phone signal booster and cradle all in one. The kit comes with a signal booster, a mini-magnet antenna, a vehicle power adapter and USB to mini USB cable, a mounting clip, and adjustable arms to cover any phone.

The directions talk you through easy installation.

The instructions point out that you will get interference, like a microphone too close to a speaker, if the outside antenna is too close to the Sleek, so positioning is important. When you're done, you start the car and if the green light on the device comes on, the device is working properly.

Jen and Laura got a green light, and couldn't wait to see if they saw instant results.

Like the guys in the commercial who have phones on zero bars, place it in the Wilson Sleek cradle and see the bars go up to four or five.

Jen and Laura drove to an intersection notorious for bad cell service, pull into a parking lot, and see that Laura's phone is down to two bars.

Laura places her phone in the Wilson Sleek cradle.

"Wow! First time! I don't think I'd have any trouble making a call now," Laura said.

The phone went from two to nearly five bars right away.

Laura called her husband using the Wilson Sleek, and both were surprised that the call connected so quickly and was perfectly clear.

Laura was used to not being able to get out with a call at all or having a very poor connection. The two tested the product using Jen's phone, too, and had the same kind of positive results.

Laura continued to be pleasantly surprised.

"We never get five bars down in this area, never. Literally, I've never seen my phone at five bars," she said. "Quite honestly, I don't really ever see my phone at five bars anywhere. And, here it is, we're in the dead zone and I have five bars, and that was a crystal clear phone call."

The Wilson Sleek promises to instantly boost your cell phone signal and put an end to dropped calls. Does it really do that? Laura gives it two thumbs up.

"I was very skeptical, I was! I thought no, there's no way, especially down here, knowing what I know," she said. "We've lived in this area probably as long as I've had a cell phone. I thought there's absolutely no way, and it did it."

Wilson Electronics makes a variety of these signal boosting devices for vehicles; and indoor boosters are now available, too. Prices vary for the systems and accessories.

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