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Does It Really Do That? Star Shower Laser Light

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Love to decorate for the holidays, but dread the tangled mess of your outdoor lights? Star Shower Laser Light claims to shower your homes with thousands of laser lights in seconds. Does it really do that?

Bobby Brown helped us find out. He works hard during the week, and although he and his family get excited about decorating, it takes a little self-motivation to get up and get it done!

"Getting it all out of the attic... the process of pulling it all out and putting the Halloween stuff away and getting out the Christmas stuff, it takes a long time, it can be a pain!" he told KDKA-TV anchor Jennifer Antkowiak.

Bobby tries to outdo himself every year. "The more I can buy the happier I am! We can do the bushes and all the outside of the house. We get excited!" he said.

What could he add in that wouldn't take too much extra time to put up and not too much storage space? Jen showed him the Star Shower Laser Light, and Bobby was excited to see what it does!


Safety warnings on the product and in the directions tell you not to point the light directly into the sky, not in the flight path of any aircraft, and not to look directly into the laser light or use it in any way other than intended to prevent exposure to hazardous laser radiation.

It comes in two pieces: the light itself, with a gel that allows you to choose green lights, red lights, or a combination of the two, and a stake so you can set it up in your yard. The stake comes with a pointer that you are supposed to point directly where you want the lights.

Bobby pushed it in the ground, pointing at his house, then screwed the light onto the stake. A screw on the side allows you to tilt the light up or down. From this point, you're supposed to be just seconds away from a home covered in thousands of laser lights.

"Oooh! I kinda like this thing!" Bobby said.

It worked! Bobby moved it around a few ways to see what look he liked the best -- the closer the light is to the house, the more intense the light show. Every way they try it, he and his family like it!

And, the more he and Jen looked, the more they thought of other reasons to like the Star Shower. Jen said, "Maybe elderly people, or people who just can't get around as much as they used to but want their house decorated for Christmas... It'd be perfect. Perfect for them... or for people like you who's..."

"Busy and doesn't have time," Bobby said. "I wanna watch football on Sundays instead of decorating the house. I like this idea. I really like this idea now!

So, Star Shower Laser Light: shower your home in thousands of laser lights in seconds! Does it really do that? Bobby gives it a big thumbs up.

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