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Does It Really Do That? FurZapper

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- If you have a pet, there's a good chance you've spent time trying to get dog or cat fur off blankets, bedding and more.

But what if there were a device that could do that for you in a quick and simple way?

The FurZapper claims it can "zap" the fur away.

But does it really do that?

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

KDKA put it to the test with the help of Shannon Metzler from Ross.

She has both a cat and dog and would love to be able to throw away the lint brushes and rollers.

FurZappers go both in your washer and dryer, and they're slightly sticky to the touch.

Supposedly, it's just the right amount of sticky to pull hair off your laundry, but then allow the water in your washer to rinse it down the drain.

Similarly in the dryer, it's sticky enough to pluck the hair off the laundry and allow it to be deposited in your lint trap.

Shannon picked the most fur-covered piece of laundry she owns.

furzapper blanket before
(Photo Credit: KDKA)

"We're going to test the dog's blankets that he sleeps on on a regular basis," Metzler said.

It goes into the washer along with two FurZappers, since it's so loaded with fur.

The directions say not to overload the washer and to use lots of water.

When it's done, there are still a few hairs on the blanket, but Shannon notices there's almost no hair in a drain next to the washer door that's normally full of hair.

Now for the second half of the process, we put the same laundry into the dryer with the same two FurZappers.

The directions say fabric softeners and dryer sheets make the zappers less effective, so we don't use any.

When it's done, the lint screen is covered with fur, and the blanket is practically fur free.

furzapper blanket after
(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Shannon says the blanket looks about as good as after a normal wash without the FurZapper, but she does notice a difference.

She's impressed that fur in the washer seemed to disappear rather than collect at the drain by the door.

"So maybe it did get it down the through the drain better than what is has before? So that was a big difference," Metzler said.

Bottom line: When it comes to zapping fur, does it really do that?

"I think it does," Metzler said. "It seems that the inside liner of the washing machine is more clear than it typically is."

She says she would definitely try it again.

FurZappers sell for $20 for a package of two.

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