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Dick's Sporting To Open Niche Store In Cranberry

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Right in time for the hunting season, Dick's Sporting Goods is planning to open a specialty store in Cranberry this fall just for hunters, fishermen and other outdoorsmen.

Called Field & Stream, Point Park University business professor Elaine Luther says it's the marketplace at work.

"Other places that have done that are Cabela's -- which looks like they are really going for the same market with this Field & Stream store for Dick's -- is going the hunting, camping, fishing, sporting type people," says Luther.

Luther says niche marketing is both good for the consumer and the retailers -- and says Dick's is looking for a special kind of employee.

"They want to hire enthusiasts," she says. "They want to hire hunters, campers, outdoor people."

And niche stores are popular with hands-on people.

"It's a good way to compete against the internet because you really need to be hands on in trying some of this equipment," Luther said.

Luther believes that Field & Stream will become a destination store for hunters, fisherman and many others.

"They're putting it in Cranberry because it's near a highway and can have a big space. But they're really -- it's going to be a destination, and people will be driving from a lot of different areas," says the business professor.

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